packing service of goods by heat shrink film in viet nam

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packing service of goods by heat shrink film in viet nam

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packing service of goods by heat shrink film in viet nam

At present, packaging is required before shipping or storage. Understanding that, we have researched new packaging technology with heat shrinkable film in viet nam to save you more than traditional packaging.

What is heat shrink films

Heat-shrinkable film, also known as new high-temperature-resistant packaging technology, is manufactured using high-grade industrial membrane film formulation, setting new standards in the packaging industry with elastic properties, durability, flexibility and low maintenance.

What goods need to use new packaging technology

Most of the items that can be used in the new packaging technology can be stored in accordance with the goods stored or outdoors.

How the new packaging technology is used

Heat shrinkage will be achieved by using a heat gun. The hot air of the gun will fix the points of the shrink film to form a waterproof and fixed layer surrounding the packages.

When used with a heat gun, the heat shrinkable film in viet nam will shrink by 30% to form a protective layer against dust, oxidation, and cargo protection
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