Crate of export wood of high quality goods in Vietnam

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Crate of export wood of high quality goods in Vietnam

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Crate of export wood of high quality goods in Vietnam

In order to export goods to foreign countries, it is necessary to close wooden crates according to international standards using wooden crates according to the standards of each country where the enterprise wants to export in advance and it is important that each wooden crate must be sterilized The standard is that your goods will be approved by the national and international customs.

Disinfection is one of the measures to quarantine and prevent the spread of pests during the process of goods circulation.

At our Vietnam HD Asean company, export wood of high quality goods in Vietnamwill always be strictly sterilized, certified and stamped according to international standards.

The reason why fumigating wooden crates before exporting goods:

• Disinfect according to ispm 15 standard to prevent termites.

• Some goods are exported wooden crates with machinery if they are not disinfected with chemicals, during the transport process will generate mold, termites, pests or harmful insects.

• Due to the time of transporting exported goods with wooden crates, it is quite long and humid environment creates good conditions for mold and insects.

It is for these reasons that Vietnamese exporters should focus on disinfecting wooden products to ensure that their export of wood packaging is favorable.

Some pictures of export wooden crates:
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