Fortune tiger demo Fortune Tiger Slot Review slot game

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Fortune tiger demo Fortune Tiger Slot Review slot game

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Fortune Tiger is a mobile-friendly slot game that comes with its glaringly obvious Asian theme. Yet, does so with a talking, over-feed cartoon tiger as its main character who also sports clothing and sunglasses. The game plays out on a retro-style 3 x 3 slot grid. With 3-rows and 3-reels, this means that you only get 5 paylines in this game. The patterns run horizontally from the top row, middle row, and bottom row, and then diagonally from top left to bottom right, and then from bottom left to top right fortune tiger 777.

The accompanying music is of the most irritating kind. It is an overly poppy tune made by high-pitched flutes and electro-mandolin strings. It's all played by the keyboard, of course, with its effects set to "annoying" mode. My advice is to mute the game from the control panel, where you will also find the game’s very minimal paytable.

demo fortune ox While it may not boast an impressive array of features, it does well enough to cover all the basics. You still have the opportunity to scoop up to 2,500x your wager. Keep on reading our complete guide to the Fortune Tiger slot game to find out more fortune tiger 777.

fortune tiger 777 Despite its size, the Fortune Tiger slot by Pocket Games Soft does have a few special in-game features. First, the Fortune Tiger Feature randomly triggers on any spin played. What it does is randomly pick a symbol on the reels, and this symbol will remain stuck in place for a bonus spin. Should the same symbol appear again, this will stick, and you will be awarded another respin. This process continues until you have filled all spaces or fail to land a matching symbol. Demo fortune ox. /

The other feature is the x10 multiplier bonus. Should you produce a win with all symbols featured in the slot, then you will win a return that is 10 times the value fortune tiger 777.

fortune tiger 777 The iGaming market is highly saturated, and even though it makes the selection process a challenge, overall it is good for players. Competition drives innovation and better quality. Today top sites offer incredible value. They integrate thousands of games, and dozens of banking solutions plus reward customers at every step of their journey demo fortune ox.

Do I recommend this game? Well, it’s not for me. If you love the over-used Asian-themed games, then fill your boots. If you like retro slots, then the game is okay, but I would advise putting your money into getter games that come with greater returns in both cash and entertainment fortune tiger 777.

Here are some alternative Asian-themed casino games that come programmed with medium volatility settings.

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